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happy networking bdn netmaster <2015-06-02>
  • virtual Debian GNU/Linux root servers
  • user accounts (inc. various shells, ssh, ftp, mail (smtp/imap) & webspace)
  • (cross) compiler cluster (distcc)
  • GPGPU cluster (OpenCL, CUDA, CAL++, APP, pyrit, hashcat)
  • hackerspace / workshop (soldering, logic analyzers, data rescue & hardware test benches)
  • gaming PCs/network, lanparties
  • quakeforge / darkplaces / ioQuake2 - ioQuake3 / Smokin'Guns / World of Padman
  • Scorched3D / BZFlag / Xscorch / BattleTanks
  • Mumble / Murmur